Law School Study of Family Court Reform

Law school professors and students around the country are taking note of the public outcry surrounding the unnecessary damages to children and good parents stemming from the “glitches” and bad practices seen in our Family Court system.

The data we have been gathering is now resulting in actionable claims, and additional research opportunities are opening up for law school students who are motivated to help drive change. In the coming few years, new opportunities are also opening up for lawyers to assist in the recovery phase for parents and children exploited by the “Profit over Protection” practices of certain Child Custody professionals.

Please request information if you would like to contribute early to this movement.

The legal community is starting to focus on ways to restore the public trust that is being worn away by questionable practices in Family Court.

The legal community is starting to focus on ways to restore the public trust that is being worn away by questionable practices in Family Court.


Solutions are being developed and prepared through collaborative efforts with advocate groups, parent’s rights groups, legislators, law enforcement and many within the legal community.

This page will continue to grow as we share the information and media being used to help build a new legacy in the domestic relations arena.

Please watch our videos and media on YouTube and shared on these pages, read the topics that interest you and send us your questions and ideas for reform. Let us know if you would like to contribute, and how you can help.


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Previously in Augusta: On Twitter @MyAdvocateCentr began sharing news with #GreenLightAugusta and #OutsideTheGates to explain why our team has focused on this judicial district for months.

There is rapidly growing support in the Augusta community to drive change there and to help families and children recover now that the misconduct of certain GALs, attorneys and judges has been revealed.

This is an excerpt from one news report:

“Why in my son’s case is it going to come down to something happening to one of these children, when it could have been prevented this whole time?” asked Veronica.

Family advocacy groups said Veronica’s case is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to problems with family court.

“Reform is absolutely needed,” said Deb Beacham, Executive Director of My Advocate Center. “We’ve gone to the capital to try to educate legislators, to look at statutes, and understand how we can help ensure the courts let evidence make it on the record.”

Beacham said she is fighting for the rights of all parents. Veronica’s case is like a lot of others she has followed across the state; and now, changes are needed.

“This mother should not be cut off from her child,” said Beacham. “Especially not when the evidence exists, and there’s new evidence on this case.”

An update to this case since this news coverage below is that a new investigation into the child abuse is still underway, but more is needed to understand why the DFCS caseworker lied on the stand about the available, visible evidence on this case.



A separate case involves an innocent father being jailed after the court saw fit to enable the mother’s attorney to use FALSE allegations to punish him when he is the one trying to protect his daughter.

His daughter is 9 and she has been cut off from her father who stood trial and was found not-guilty of the felony charges the COURT wanted him held on. His young daughter testified to explain that her father is not guilty.  What if we could have allowed the truth to prevail sooner?  Could we have helped her avoid this loss and added stress?

On this case DFCS substantiated claims of abuse against the mother for harming her daughter.  This father is being retaliated against because he filed a notice of appeal to help restore his rights to nurture and protect his child.  There is much resistance occurring around allowing the facts of this case to come to light.  More to follow on this case.

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If you agree that children deserve the best that both parents have to offer them, let us know how much time you can contribute, and ask if your law school is willing to help develop the case studies and plans to help drive improvements in family conflict resolution.

Divided families do not have to become destroyed families.


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