Employee Assistance Program

Trends published by a prominent insurance provider reveal employee financial health needs a boost. The question asked is what can employers do to make a difference?

The set of data missing from the study on financial risk has to do with high rates of divorce and other forms of family conflict that often lead employees into litigation. Disputes and afflictions are going to happen, but outcomes are much worse than they should be given the climate in our courts. The incentive to see greater stability and peace for your employees and their children is now matched by My Advocate Center’s tools and resources.

Consider this question as well.  Are parents and children the only ones impacted by hotly contested family law matters?

The fallout of confusing, prolonged and expensive litigation from divorce and child custody matters also hits the bottom line of corporations large and small. It’s not only a financial problem but a morale and productivity problem, and it’s not a secret that once a family enters into litigation, the trouble usually hits an ugly crescendo before it settles down.

When an employee faces the fact that he or she is not carrying their weight or possibly bringing others down, this realization feeds the downward spiral. My Advocate Center may be the answer your HR team is looking for.

What can companies do to better support employees who are caught in conflict?

Human resources departments need to be equipped with training and services to help catch problems early and keep employees more focused and available on the job.

My Advocate Center does more than provide data about what family members are facing, it also leverages insights about the process and engages value-added professionals to reduce conflict and help parties transition more safely to the other side of the dispute.

Protect your employees while protecting your investment in their careers!

Schedule a consultation here to learn how quickly your company can benefit from this type of employee support.

Do Georgia companies really stand to gain from seeking out assistance for employees?

In Georgia news, parents and professionals are talking about unexpected damages from engaging in legal disputes. As this is an unpleasant topic rife with complications, employees may be reluctant to reveal that their lives are going from bad to worse.

Trouble often isn’t noticed by the company or its HR professionals until it’s too late and job performance, mental health and financial stability have tanked. At this later stage, attendance has dwindled, productivity has declined and insurance costs have spiked.

  • Co-workers may be put in awkward positions, taking breaks to counsel peers or serve as sounding boards, while in other situations an employee may seek inappropriate attention while at work to help cope with stress or rejection.
  • Consumption of alcohol to self-medicate often increases, leading to delayed arrivals for meetings and flights, and, of course, poor decision-making.
  • Tempers flare in the office over small issues that otherwise would not provoke a response.

Why wait? Get out in front of unhealthy trends that short your employees and company.

Thank you for taking the time to consider the positive impact your company can have by supporting safer conflict resolution.

Deborah Beacham