For Policy Makers


Policy leaders and government agency staff need the right information around the reality facing our communities, families and children.   That is what M-A-C provides.

Our case studies reveal the impact on children and parents, as well as how the terrible aftermath created by potholes in our Family Court system is negatively impacting the following in each and every Community:

  • Mental health – leading to more loss and tragedy for children and their families
  • Financial ability to support children – parents are losing, adding to the burden on government
  • Conflict between parents is worsening rather than improving – cycles of abuse/addiction increase
  • Loss of parenting rights leading to prolonged struggles – Children losing the best of both
  • Loss of property – worsening our local economies around housing and spending
  • Job performance is going down with more time off work, worsened focus, health & outlook
  • Law enforcement, schools, and our healthcare systems are feeling the increased burden, while getting a lot of UNNECESSARY blame.

Our analysts can outline exactly how and why this is happening.  Our advisors will put it into perspective.

Once the picture is clear around the Problems, it is easier to identify Solutions.   You can see clearly how we collectively are not using our Resources wiselyand how we can turn that around.

We need more Heroes in this effort, so this is a direct request for your support.   Our next Round Table discussion is being scheduled very soon.

We are inviting Leaders and Problem-solvers to join us in becoming a Part of the Solution.   Are you in?

In our case studies you will see and learn something that you did not know before – and you will see something that connects your interests to this effort.  This is not just “someone else’s problem.”   Material facts, and available, affordable Solutions, are waiting for you.

Our Pilot Projects are under way and showing promising results as one part of the Solution.   These projects are guiding needed and highly beneficial changes that have a broad appeal around Public Safety as well as around the benefits to our local business community.   It is not as hard as it seems, and we can prove that it can be both uplifting AND profitable to “Do the Right Thing” for our families and children.

Plain-Speak:  We are after – and are achieving – meaningful results, interrupting and intervening in ways that have not been done before, because we are focused on the Real Needs of Children, and on Helping Divided Families not become Destroyed Families.   This is right for our children and for our communities and State.

Organizations focused on improving Public Safety, including Domestic Violence and Children’s Advocacy groups, education, healthcare, parents’ rights, as well as those for efficiency and integrity in government will benefit from these case studies, pilot projects and thought leadership.  We are inclusive in our approach, so please schedule time to learn more.

Thank you for visiting the M-A-C website, and for your time and consideration.

Please email to learn more about how we can help drive improvements for your constituents and communities.