Reporting Across Georgia

Legislators and Civic Leaders,
Thank you for taking the time to read and learn about the issues we are presenting this session.

A growing number of you are taking in information and asking for more data to support our Reform initiative. Large numbers of your constituents are grateful that we are working with you to address what has really never before been uncovered, let alone addressed.

The data we have collected is going into reports that reveal across Metro Atlanta counties that the same patterns of bad practices and unethical conduct are hurting many families.

What is happening throughout the counties surrounding Atlanta is happening all over Georgia, and in some counties it is worth than in others, especially when the citizens there are isolated from their leadership, press and law enforcement.  There is an urgent need for legislators, law enforcement and press to see what this courtroom in Augusta is doing to cover up child abuse, and to learn why certain professionals believe that intimidation tactics are acceptable practices.

If you have not seen or experienced what we are explaining and want a way to put this into context, please read the story posted here. It is a simple analogy designed to help you make sense of our reports.