Supporting Family Court Reform

Data and reports from several years of research and analysis from across Georgia are being made available to legislators, law enforcement and press. Contact Deb Beacham to schedule time to review reports and gain insight into simple steps that can be taken to improve family stability, protecting children and parents’ rights, and to reduce the long term impact of trauma and family conflict.

Reform based on this data is healthy for Georgia families and children, for local businesses and protective agencies, and for the legal profession as well.

Court staff and judicial officers will benefit from increased efficiency and transparency, and have greater peace of mind as families move through the conflict resolution process.

Encourage domestic lawyers and custody experts to rise to the occasion in putting all available evidence to use in a way that truly serves the best interests of children and helps families resolve conflict more quickly and effectively.

Keep court proceedings open and ensure transcripts are complete and accurate. There are many more steps to take, but each one makes a difference. By improving our processes and methods for resolving conflict between parents, we can have an immediate and positive impact on mental health, school performance, job performance, home retention and business growth. Who can argue with these important goals?

We have nothing to lose and everything to gain by working together to make corrections that benefit everyone.

Thank you for taking time to visit My Advocate Center!

Deb Beacham