Turning the Tables – Funding Protection

Who would have thought that innocent parents would need our help to defend in legal battles?

These are not just any legal battles…but cases designed or managed so as to PREVENT parents from protecting their children from abuse.

Not all of the cases coming in to us involve child abuse (as reported to police); but all of them involve children being cut off from innocent and good parents.  It is more profitable for select custody experts & legal counsel to do this.

Would you think anyone should have to go raise money so that they have the ability to defend their right to protect their child, or to care for and nurture their child?

Yes, you heard that right.

Here in the Atlanta area, and in the Augusta area, we have several families caught in unnecessary legal battles, and the children and parents are being held hostage essentially.

But, why use the term “hostage”?

While parents are trapped and in fear of losing their children, it is hard for them to discern abnormal or unethical practices that are designed to leave them and their children without resources.

The worst part of this scenario is that the safety and well-being of children are often sacrificed.  Parents cannot find a way to make litigation end, and children feel abandoned, neglected and traumatized in the process.

There are a growing number of children with medical and psychological needs that are being ignored and denied, all for the purpose of rewarding a punitive or guilty parent and covering up the misconduct of the professionals profiting from this situation.

As explained in The Situation, this mis-management of cases and the over-billing are leaving good parents without resources.  In this process, parents and grandparents are depleted of assets and income (told that, yes, it’s worth it, and, no, you don’t have other options if you want to avoid the loss of your child), then left with a dire situation and no financial ability to defend or recover.

Disaster for a parent trying to protect a child means success for these professionals.  It means that the family’s resources were spent with these professionals instead of being preserved for the benefit of the child.

Parents who are unable to stay connected to their children, and worse are unable to protect them from injury, often become so unhealthy they cannot function.  Our mission is to reach these parents before they go to extremes, but in our metro Atlanta area, it is been too late for some.

The cases we are raising money for have been exploited until there is nothing left to spend, but there is still a child either in danger or being deprived of a healthy and loving parent.  In these cases, the wrong thing was done by the child – and you could even say the opposite of what should have happened is the outcome decided on by the Court.

Somehow these parents we are working with have determined to dig deep and fight back – they are not quitters and they are helping us help them.  Please ask what you can do as well?

There should be safeguards in place to prevent this from happening, but as of yet there are not.  Imagine the losses out of 30,000 or so divorces in Georgia.  More detail on how this works will follow.

In the cases we are raising funds to support, the parents are made to fear for the safety and right to protect children, so that they cannot see what is being done on the financial front.

What is being reported now is that both the custody experts and the financial advisors are filing liens and getting judgments on clients they helped set up to fail.

Please help us help these parents and their children.

Our position: abusive litigation abuses children.

The difficulty for parents is that they are so traumatized by the use of foul play tactics and unnecessary attacks on their parenting resources/time, that they cannot take the time to report.  They need your help and our help to manage better, to know they have options and a way to fight back.

We work with our advisors to ensure they have the right guidance – loyal and honest guidance – from counsel.  When parents are not given the right information, and when their hands are tied – forced to choose between time with their children and forcing professionals to end litigation – they must choose to focus on their children.  It is nearly impossible to do both.

So, yes, the term hostage is an appropriate one given the entrapment of people who are not in a position to enforce ethics rules and hold these professionals accountable.

We need your help to assist them in getting free from this damaging litigation.

Is this possible?
Well, yes… NOW it is.

Thanks to our alliance of parents, professionals, church and community members, we are turning the tables, and setting the record straight.

Please contact us, and check back shortly with this Web Page “Turning the Tables” to learn more about how you can help.  In the meantime, if you would like to contribute please send us an email using the form under the Home tab, or send a message through Facebook or LinkedIn.

Each donation will go a long way toward improving the lives of these children and their good parents.  All funds raised through this effort goes into an account used to support cases where children and good parents need help to recover.  There are more expenses involved in the support of these cases than just the legal fees incurred, and most of our work has been done on a pro bono basis to allow parents and professionals a chance to make more progress, and to do it faster than they might otherwise without our support.  We also ask that professionals do what they can for their part to keep fees down, and to ensure value for each dollar billed.

For privacy reasons we are not currently posting testimonials yet about our successes, but because of this work and the small donations made so far, we have been able to connect ethical, talented counsel with parents who then have been able to get protections in place for their children.  In several cases we have provided research and due diligence and testimony to support attorneys who have made a significant impact with this support for their clients.

Please stay connected with these stories and others on Facebook, and watch for updates on Twitter & LinkedIn.

These cases are becoming “turn-around stories” and “success stories” that are needed by so many who are looking for hope as they seek to resolve conflict around their children’s needs.
Yes, there are many more cases like these with both mothers and fathers needing our help and yours, so if you know of a situation that fits this description, please use our form under the Home tab where it says “Request Information.”

Each case – each time we get a family turned right side up again – serves other cases like it.

Professionals, we are scheduling our roundtable discussions on the issues and would appreciate your input, so please check in with our professional LinkedIn Group, the “M-A-C Counsel for Change”

Thank you for your support.