Who We Are

My Advocate Center was founded in 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia, to connect a variety of community resources necessary to ensure the best outcome for children who often become pawns in divorce and child custody cases.

Our mission is to provide parents, professionals and policymakers clear, actionable insight that will aid the dispute resolution process to serve the best interest of the child.


M-A-C was founded by Atlanta entrepreneur and marketing professional Deb Beacham who specializes in problem-solving for people embroiled in high-conflict disputes, including divorce, child custody cases and financial matters.

Business Team Meeting at Sunset

Ms. Beacham is a community-minded entrepreneur in Atlanta, Georgia, known for her development of corporate social responsibility programs that help Metro businesses build their brands by engaging with local charities.

Corporate health and wellness is an ongoing pursuit for her as well, due to the negative influence and financial impact of family conflict which is worsened during prolonged litigation.

Ms. Beacham’s professional background includes several years in the financial services sector wholesaling for Bear Stearns, Dean Witter & Portfolio Management Consultants where she applied her unique relationship management skills to achieve greater sales results for financial advisors. Previous accomplishments include shepherding legislation and guiding infrastructure requirements in the State of Mississippi to support environmental concerns such as energy conservation and soil remediation. Her most recent contributions include record breaking fundraising events for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation and behind-the-scenes support for key legislative agendas.

Over the years, Ms. Beacham has remained committed to improving communications and processes that positively touch individual lives and that effect relationships, job performance and consumer satisfaction. She is rapidly building a strong reputation for her ability to bridge gaps created by competing interests, including those between men and women in work and social environments.

Her commitment to “a better path to peace and productivity” by lowering conflict and uncertainty has solidified her standing as an advocate, which she is now taking to another level. “Connect, Inform, Empower” is her advocacy mission; one that allows her to stand in the gap to offer solutions and common sense values that improve the conflict resolution process.

Improving how parents & professionals communicate with each other, and encouraging them to ensure peace and stability for children, are the most important challenges she could take on now, and this cause drives her effort to leverage skills, experience, insights and connections. This is the meaning of Advocacy for her.

On Using Your Voice:

Deb by Charlie Pappas3“I did not expect to learn that the court environment is not a safe place for parents and children needing help to resolve conflict. The information I gleaned in the process, and now after years of research, analysis and coaching, is priceless in helping families, other litigants, and professionals improve outcomes in family conflict. Over the last few years I’ve become actively engaged with both local and national experts, specialists and other organizations to see that solutions are developed and offered from state to state. We are proving that it’s possible to work together – even when we all do not agree on every point – to improve the handling of cases so as to better public health and safety.

Family Court should be a safe place for parents and children, don’t you think? If you agree, and want to lend your voice or your time and resources, you’ll be in great company!”