Counsel for Change – Join the Movement

Counsel for Change is not about a show of hands, but rather this professional group is about what you reveal in your work and how you leave families and their children when your work is done.

Is there more conflict or less? Are the children getting the best of both parents (where possible) and is violence/addiction/dysfunction being addressed according to our rules?  This is just a sampling of what we hope you’ll ask yourself & your peers.

Why do we need a group discussion called “Counsel for Change” in Georgia?  Because parents are told by often by certain professionals that the “trends” in Family Court require that we accept outcomes that are damaging to children, and this needs to be changed – this practice of lowering our standards and ignoring the real needs of children.

There are many good counselors – from many professions – who are showing their support in correcting this “trend” so please let us know how you’d like to contribute.

Professionals who want to challenge and change these practices, we need your help to improve and turn around cases in need of “Recovery” as these outcomes or potential outcomes are damaging to children, to good parents and to our entire community.  Help them recover before the damages become worse.

You can contact us via our Web Form, or through LinkedIn and learn more on our Professional Group page, M-A-C Counsel for Change.

Join us online or offline to help improve outcomes and lives. This is about driving change in a way that upholds Fiduciary Duty and other Ethics Rules, our laws, and especially the needs of children and the rights of parents.

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